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Name: Ryan
Age: 17
Birthday: 02/03/2006
Favorite Color: sage green
Car I Drive: ur mom
Birthplace: Somewhere in chromatica
Hometown: chromatica
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Drink: a fucking sprite
Favorite Candy: those rainbow airhead extremes

Favorite Song: crush by ethel cain
Favorite Show: yellowjackets
Favorite Game: resident evil

Favorite season: spring
Favorite subject: Language arts and choir
favorite books: perks of being a walflower, black swans,
favorite perfume: le male by jean paul, one by CK

Favorite Singers/Bands: Fiona apple, olivia rodrigo, sza, jeff buckley, deftones, mitski, beyonce, taylor swift, Ethel cain, Lana del Rey, Lauyrn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Dave mathews band, Smashing Pumpkin, Mariah Carey, Pheobe Bridgers, Bjork, and nine inch nails.

Favorite Movies: Heathers, lady bird, empire records, nowhere, totally fucked up, 10 things i hate about you, clueless, the virgin suicides, american beauty, fallen angels, perfect blue. .

Favorite Video Games: The Sims 4, Animal crossing, resident evil games, Zelda, Minecraft, Friday the 13th the game, Dead By Daylight, Last of us, Alien isolation.

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